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What to expect in a reading: Using the collective archetypes and a carefully honed intuition, I’ll help you align your heart and mind with the messages from the stars that are waiting to be heard. Once the resonance is flowing in a reading, there typically isn’t much in the way of surprises. I simply interpret how the stars are already reflecting back to you all that you already know about yourself and your life. It’s a deeply personal process, and requires a willingness to become vulnerable and honest about how it’s resonating or not resonating. You are the expert on your birth chart more than anyone else, because it’s a blueprint for your soul’s path, and yours alone. It often takes a combination of my interpretation and your lived experience to hone into the most accurate message. What remains true is that all I wish for is for your soul’s expression in this life to feel seen and shine bright. So I’ll provide the space for our open communication to flow, so that you feel apart of the team that we truly are: you, the soul, and me, the optimist, yet grounded navigator, who transports you closer to your soul map. 



How to book - fill out the booking inquiry form below. 



Initial readings: 

New clients. We will discuss highlights of your chart that stand out to me, always in relation to the individual intent that brought you to book a reading with me at this particular point in time. Both birth chart placements and aspects are discussed, as well as present and near future transits occurring. 

*It’s not uncommon to book an initial reading around the times of some of the other readings listed below, such as a generational transit or solar return, so when that’s the case, I combine a lighter version of the in-depth info you’d receive from the specialized reading into this one. 

$120-140 (sliding scale) for a 75 minute reading + audio recording


Follow-up readings:

For return clients. For particular questions or concerns that give us direction to dive deeper into several aspects of the birth chart and transits occurring. It’s always a great experience to learn more about your chart and how the different archetypes manifest in your life in their cyclical manner.

$70-90 (sliding scale) for a 45 minute reading + audio recording



I appreciate the amount of information Diana provides. I’ve had readings before that brushed over these areas, but I feel like she brought another level of depth and understanding to it. I think I know a little bit more about astrology now than in the past, and it’s one of those things where the more you learn, the more you realize how much more there is to know. I love how Diana was able to make connections and bring it all together for me. It has brought so much clarity, and I feel much more at peace now. 

Jessica B, Canada


I didn't realize the impact of my session with Diana until the days, weeks and months following our reading. We discussed a lot of things, none less important than the others. The insights I received as a result of her reading turned out to be more substantial, helpful and loving than I really understood at the time. She has great instincts in her work and being able to receive them was a pleasure. I hope to work with her again.

Su Ugas, Canada

Diana's reading and understanding of my chart really touched me in places others hadn't. Her readings stay with me for months, they inform me very well and, most wonderfully, give me hope, clarity and understanding of life's biggies; love, home and purpose. With her wisdom, insight and reflections (and commitment to going deeper), I'm held so gently and kindly, with great humor and a natural compassion.

Emma B., UK 

The first reading I had with Diana was so insightful and resonant, thoughtful and empowering, that I wound up having another one just months later. Diana's style stands out with a freshness and a charm that are undeniably a result of her passion and deep understanding of the cosmos. I’ve learned things about myself that had never been reflected to me before, and I felt inspired to continue learning about things from our conversation, thanks to the beautifully curated written feedback that was given after the reading. I see myself working with Diana for years to come.

Brooke F., Canada

My sense of Diana when receiving astrological insights, is a deep comfort in her words, because it seems like she is at home. Comfortable and well acquainted with our celestial family, she watches them dance amongst the backdrop of your chart and it comes to life.  I have received astrology readings from Diana at many different points, and her intuitive sight has brought me some powerful guidance that was timely and ripe.

Ivy V., Canada

I experienced so much upliftment, acceptance and safety in the container of my reading, while delving into very personal areas! Diana provided insight into parts of my life that had me perplexed. She helped me gain self-acceptance around some of my life-long challenges, and she showed me unconditional love, kindness, acceptance in this brave work together. I got the sense that she is trauma-informed, and that really helped me to open up and share deeply in our session.

Johnny A., Canada

Having Diana do my chart has been helpful and insightful. Diana’s intuitive guidance explains your chart in a way that helps one understand themselves, as well as choose the best times for making important decisions. I felt seen and understood, encouraged and supported. I enjoyed how her explanation takes a look at the soul path, which is a missing element in other astrology readings I’ve had. I experienced Diana as compassionate, understanding, and free of judgment when she gave her consultation. I cannot recommend her service enough.

Clarity Johnson, Clairvoyant Consultant, Canada

Diana’s reading was such a gift to me, mainly because her deep love and passion for astrology felt like a wave of energy that lifted me up and got me excited to learn more about my chart. Her approach is gentle and compassionate as well as open and fun. I found it easy to feel safe enough to ask very personal questions and her answers helped me to feel both seen, empowered and held in a loving space. It was a beautiful experience. I’d recommend her to anyone wanting to dive deeper into their chart.

Suzy R., USA