jupiter conjunct uranus in taurus transit 2024

hey starstuff,

happy 4-20. here we go. april 20, 2024, jupiter is conjunct uranus in their every-14-years meet up.

since i last wrote, i’ve been alerted that the last time jupiter was conjunct uranus actually happened three times between june 2010 and january 2011! it has to do with the timing of the uranus retrograde that happened around the same time as the jupiter conjunction. side note: did you know that the outer planets, uranus, neptune and pluto spend about half the year, every year, retrograding? 41-43% of the time, to be exact. even jupiter and saturn retrograde more than 1/3 of the time. if you’re curious to learn more about the astronomy of retrograde motion, check out this link:


i digress… i know i asked before, but i’ll ask again… what was happening for you between june 2010 and january 2011? i’ve yet to speak to someone who didn’t have BIG things moving and shaking. one friend got her very first “real” job. another made the spontaneous decision to adopt a puppy, of which said puppy just died earlier this year. another booked a spontaneous trip to south america that became the beginning of the end of her unhealthy relationship. another realized she had to move her family out of their apartment when their next door neighbour’s place was hit by a drive-by shooting. i was graduating from my bodywork school. another friend was beginning the process to living their life outwardly as a trans person. you were doing whatever you were going through. and it just amazes me to think that we were all doing this simultaneously, in our own ways, going through big changes, all across the world. it gives me pause to realize that when we’re going through big things, whether celebratory or painful, we’re never alone.

the biggest theme i can tease out of these particular examples are new beginnings, especially because something has ended, or is ending. and you know what? the last time jupiter was conjunct uranus, it oscillated between the signs of pisces and aries. one is the end of a zodiac, while the other is the beginning. in general, when these two get together, jupiter brings the qualities of growth, expansion, acceleration to what is possible. uranus brings the qualities of the cutting edge and groundbreaking change, usually with a striking element of chaos and unpredictability. in this particular line-up, in taurus (which hasn’t happened since 1941), it’s all about the tangible world, that which we can touch, feel, and use our senses to perceive. make no mistake, jupiter and uranus enjoy coming together like this. the electrifying quality of uranus combined with the grandness of jupiter makes for enlivening energy.

let’s talk conjunctions for a moment. conjunctions are when the energies of two planets come together so closely that you can’t feel or experience one without the other. check your chart – do you have two planets that are super close together? astrologers tend to be in somewhat agreement (an unusual thing!) with what we call “orbs,” meaning how close in degrees do two planets need be to qualify as being in aspect to one another. this includes conjunctions, squares, trines, you name it. generally speaking, the sun and moon have larger orbs than the other planets, meaning they can be 10 degrees away from some planets in aspect, and it will still count as an aspect to pay attention to in someone’s chart. other planets are only given a maximum of 7 degrees, usually only with the sun and moon, and less for other planets, before being out of orb.

so check your chart for conjunctions – do you have two planets close together? and if the sun and moon are involved, you can count up to 10 degrees away, give or take (as with everything in astrology, it always kinda depends)! and when the conjunction is 3 or less degrees away, it can be really difficult to tease apart the influences of the two planets in your life; the two energies are here to express themselves together as one. so yeah, conjunctions are pretty special placements! if you check your chart and see three or more planets together, then you have a stellium! but that’s a conversation for another day.

so with today’s jupiter and uranus conjunction, they are coming together with a force that makes it difficult to tell one from the other. but mercury is afoot as well, as the retrograde doesn’t end until the 25th. but one way to approach astrology (and it’s certainly not the only way) is to understand these energies are flying around in the ethers, the unseeable, the great mystery, with us, so while we expect the unexpected, it’s also wise to flip it around and unexpect the expected. meaning, be prepared for something unpredictable to happen, and at the same time, don’t expect the usual will happen!

this time is the start of a new 14 year cycle. something is happening in your life that you’ll be able to look back upon as a closing chapter in about 14 years. i love this transit maybe the most for that; that 14 years is actually quasi-tangible in our present-day beingness, because we can look back to 14 years ago and actually have a pretty decent remembering of what was happening. why? because transits like this inevitably become a memorable time. it may be a low and slow build for you, though the element of surprise almost indefinitely needs to be in the mix. but with the tauran energy, which is the epitome of slow and steady, what i know for sure, it’s not likely to be a turn on a dime. there will be a slow burn to whatever left turn you’re taking, and i hazard a guess, it will be fortunate for you – whether in the present or long-term. the taurus energy doesn’t do anything in a hurry… unless the energy is blocked for a long time, because then that levee is gonna break.

so put on your eyes of optimism (jupiter) and consider there is likely an opportunity arising in your life to break for the freedom, liberty, rebelliousness, revolution, that your soul has been waiting for. i highly encourage welcoming the slow but steady (i can’t say it enough, apparently) inching in of whatever is coming to pass for you. this one is really important! my guess is you already have an inkling of what it may be. my guess is it will have something to do with the physical world, what which is tangible, and pure embodiment. it’s here to shake you out of whatever funk you’ve been feeling. maybe you’re feeling grief for a chapter closing. please don’t stay stuck there, in the grief. that’s for the opposite energy, scorpio, to sort out. this transit in taurus is here for you to catch the ride to the next page. slowly, steadily. like a train. an earthquaking train, if there was ever such a thing. you got this.

i’m here anytime for questions! and slowly but steadily (ha) getting back to readings. reach out if you want to ask questions or book a reading. i’ve said it before, i’ll say it again, i consider myself a neighbourhood astrologer. i really like helping enthusiasts learn. i love being local. i love knowing you and what’s happening for you and offering astrological counsel if it feels helpful. virgo sun at your service. my main focus these days is home. i can’t help it, it takes up a lot of my energy and attention. but damn, does it feel good to be back in these realms, thank you so much for being here. isn’t it fun?

been listening to this beauty while writing to you. ironic, because we’re actually departing a major comfort zone with this transit. have a listen. general fuzz: comfort zone.

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